1. Andukhan
Largest kingdom with great grasslands and rivers known for being the breadbasket of Arkjby.
Race: Humans
Favored Gods: Akkadius, Primus, Helion
Primary Product: Grain
Capital: Tannomer
Ruler(s): King Calabor
Legendary Figure: Sigmar the Uniter
Soldiers of Renown: Silver Lions
Notable Landmark: Golden Plains

2. Varassar
Northern kingdom infamous for their seamanship and hardiness and fairly disdainful of Southern dwelling peoples.
Race: Humans
Favored Gods: Karanak, Ushara, Akkadius
Primary Product: Slaves
Capital: Old Varassar
Ruler(s): Everking Sargon
Legendary Figure: Ragnar of a Thousand Skulls
Soldiers of Renown: Black Berserkers
Notable Landmark: Warpstorm

3. Thalamoore
One of the larger kingdoms they boast a significantly larger mounted army compared to any other nation and boast a great many legendary heroes.
Race: Humans
Favored Gods: Primus, Karanak, Helion
Primary Product: Cattle
Capital: Castallan
Ruler(s): King Ionus
Legendary Figure: Azor the Fiendslayer
Soldiers of Renown: Knights of the Realm
Notable Landmark: Pride’s Downfall

4. Kaz Karak
Largest Dwarf nation known for having the tallest and strongest dwarves, often wealthy. Race: Dwarves
Favored Gods: Primus, Helion, Karanak
Primary Product: Precious Gems
Capital: Karakundol
Ruler(s): Stone King Thorgrim
Legendary Figure: Bazzakan the Hammer
Soldiers of Renown: Iron Warlords
Notable Landmark: The Shining Hall

5. Azolia
Renown for their building craft and famed for their legendary ‘false’ mountain as well as hosting the tallest peak for stargazing.
Race: Dwarves
Favored Gods: Akkadius, Tsukihi, Tyla
Primary Product: Precious Metals
Capital: Zenith
Ruler(s): Azolian Senate
Legendary Figure: Jakkar the Wise
Soldiers of Renown: Golden Guard
Notable Landmark: The False Mountain

7. Athilien
Wood Elf kingdom area, second largest and most isolationist of the Elven nations. Rarely expansionistic, but nigh impossible to enter without Elves.
Race: Elves
Favored Gods: Tsukihi, Ashara, Thirio
Primary Product: Leather
Capital: Olonor
Ruler(s): Woodlord Thalen
Legendary Figure: Catathan the Ranger
Soldiers of Renown: Ranger Corps
Notable Landmark: The First Tree

8. Bylios
The Archipelago nation lacks the trade finesse of Asura, but makes up for it with crafty engineers who invented ironclad warships making them a major naval power.
Race: Humans
Favored Gods: Tsukihi, Akkadius, Karanak
Primary Product: Sea-food
Capital: Horaduk
Ruler(s): Duke Tarkan
Legendary Figure: Maddicar the Destroyer
Soldiers of Renown: Maelstroms
Notable Landmark: Lighthouse of Bylios

9. Haradaan
Haradaan is the southernmost nation and is known for being ruled by a council of the Exalted Ones, the most dedicated priests of each God. The pilgrimages to Haradaan are a major necessity to their economy.
Race: Humans
Favored Gods: ALL
Primary Product: Incense
Capital: The Blessed City
Ruler(s): Exalted Ones
Legendary Figure: Khofran the Holy
Soldiers of Renown: The Paladins
Notable Landmark: Monument of the Gods

10. Suramar
Dark Elf Kingdom area, smallest and aggressive, but slowly became a militaristic and honor bound nation. Most expansionistic, but also friendliest to non-Elves.
Race: Elves
Favored Gods: Tsukihi, Ushara, Karanak
Primary Product: Obsidian
Capital: Qoltekash
Ruler(s): King Qurun
Legendary Figure: Malekai the Black
Soldiers of Renown: The Blademasters
Notable Landmark: Shattered Spires

11. Asura
Wealthiest nation, group of various isolated city states with a major unified navy and heavy control over shipping lanes.
Race: Humans
Favored Gods: Akkadius, Hile
Primary Product: Mercenaries
Capital: Deraklius
Ruler(s): Prime Minister Ducalle
Legendary Figure: Admiral Teranus Brightsword
Soldiers of Renown: Sleight of Blades
Notable Landmark: Shipbottom Bay

12. Zhukinos
The Eastern Kingdom of Zhukinos is famous for their skilled marksman and dedication to the sciences hosting the largest academy in Arkjby.
Race: Humans
Favored Gods: Primus, Akkadius, Tsukihi
Primary Product: Gunpowder
Capital: Faozutkos
Ruler(s): Heavenly King Yuto
Legendary Figure: Zhaoru the Titankiller
Soldiers of Renown: The Stormlords
Notable Landmark: Library of Zhukinos

13. Nassimyr
Biggest shipping port in the world, the giant city of Nassimyr is it’s own nation. With the most renowned shipwrights from all over the world Nassimyr has flourished in trade.
Race: Humans, Elves, Dwarves
Favored Gods: Akkadius, Helion, Tsukihi
Primary Product: Ships
Capital: Nassimyr
Ruler(s): Foreman Trauf
Legendary Figure: Sea King Robar
Soldiers of Renown: The Donderkrijgs
Notable Landmark: Tosbara’s Anchor

14. Kharadun
A great trade nation they are the largest shipping group with lucrative transportation taxes. Least ‘mountainey’ dwarves.
Race: Dwarves
Favored Gods: Akkadius, Tyla, Thirio
Primary Product: Trade Ships
Capital: Radahar
Ruler(s): Sea Prince Rizzlebar, Sea Princes
Legendary Figure: Enril the Golden
Soldiers of Renown: Steelhead Buccaneers
Notable Landmark: Blue Fjord

15. Drogenholme
Built over the mountains, greatest artificers but fairly aloof apart from the Dwarven councils.
Race: Dwarves
Favored Gods: Akkadius, Tyla, Tsukihi
Primary Product: Coal
Capital: Wurssenhal
Ruler(s): Lord Fangol
Legendary Figure: Ragvor the Artificer
Soldiers of Renown: Thunderbreakers
Notable Landmark: Golden Temple of Akkadius

16. Ozoljahad
Snowy foothill dwelling Dwarves are highly mystical, but otherwise fairly friendly, usually the poorest nation.
Race: Dwarves
Favored Gods: Ushara, Thirio
Primary Product: Glass
Capital: Ozoqar
Ruler(s): Lord Grundar
Legendary Figure: Angmac Demonterror
Soldiers of Renown: Snow Foxes
Notable Landmark: Glass Pyramid

17. Iszilhara
High Elf kingdom area, largest and most prosperous of the Elven nations. Often the least hostile people amongst the Elves.
Race: Elves
Favored Gods: Ashara, Helion, Tyla
Primary Product: Lumber
Capital: Immyr
Ruler(s): Emperor Hicarius
Legendary Figure: Aelinor the Magnificent
Soldiers of Renown: Dragon Hunters
Notable Landmark: Dragonhall of Immyr


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